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Saisnath Baijoo was born in Trinidad in the West Indies. He received his earliest education at Caroni Hindu School then at Tunapuna Government Secondary and Hillview College. He studied pharmacy at the University of the West Indies. He is an avid sportsman. He plays cricket, table tennis and soccer. He loves fishing and all types of music. He migrated to the United States. He has worked and managed several pharmacies in Florida. He is a very family oriented father. He loves all deep philosophers and great writers, and he enjoys traveling and writing with a passion. 

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Sarah, New York

"Great book. Very interesting and exciting. Motivates you to always keep a positive mind even when life gets tough. Love the phrases like; "we have to trust in God and hope the end serves our purpose".


Kenny, New Jersey

"Excellent book, very moving and entertaining.I would recommend this book for every immigrant and avid reader. A lesson on how one can turn hardship into success."

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